Karl James Taekwondo

Fitness, self-defence and competition

Karl runs 5 clubs based at Billingshurt, Crawley, Croydon, East Grinstead and Horsham. Students can mix their training between clubs and sessions, allowing them to fit taekwondo training in to their busy lives.


Maidenbower Community Centre
Harvest Road
RH10 7RA

Monday 6pm-7pm juniors (4-12 year olds)
Monday 7pm-8:30pm all students

Holy Trinity School
Buckswood Drive
RH11 8JE

Wednesday 6pm-7pm juniors (4-12 year olds)
Wednesday 7pm-8:30pm all students


Royal Russell School
Coombe Lane

Tuesday 6pm-7pm juniors (4-12 year olds)
Tuesday 7pm-8:15pm beginners/family
Tuesday 8:15pm-9:30pm adults

Shirley High School
Shirley Church Road

Thursday 6pm-7pm juniors (4-12 year olds)
Thursday 7pm-8:15pm beginners/family
Thursday 8:15pm-9:30pm adults


Billingshurst Leisure Centre
Station Road
RH14 9RY

Friday 6pm-7pm juniors (4-11 year olds)
Friday 7pm-8:30pm all students

East Grinstead

Imberhorne Lower School
Windmill Lane
RH19 2DT

Saturday 11am-12:30pm all students


Millais School
Depot Road
RH13 5HR

Thursday 6pm-7pm juniors (4-12 year olds)
Thursday 7pm-8:30pm all students
Red and Black belt pre-grading lessons with Grand Master Oliver 9th dan

Please read the locations, days, dates and times very carefully to ensure you turn up at the correct place and time. Please ensure you arrive early so are in your white dobok and ready to start at the appointed time.


Garth Hill College
Bull Lane
RG42 2LN

21st March 2020, 12pm: red belts (1st and 2nd kup)
21st March 2020, 1pm: dan grades
4th April 2020, 12pm: red belts (1st and 2nd kup)
4th April 2020, 1pm: dan grades

Burgess Hill

Burgess Hill Leisure Centre
Triangle Way
Burgess Hill
West Sussex
RH15 8WA

28th March 2020, 4:15pm: red belts (1st and 2nd kup)
28th March 2020, 5:15pm: dan grades
19th September 2020, 12pm: red belts (1st and 2nd kup)
19th September 2020, 1pm: dan grades



12th September 2020, 1pm: red belts (1st and 2nd kup)
12th September 2020, 2pm: dan grades
26th September 2020, 1pm: red belts (1st and 2nd kup)
26th September 2020, 2pm: dan grades
Monthly costs
Monthly payments are cost-effective and allow you to train at any of Karl's clubs. No contract or minimum period applies.
Sessions Individual Family of 2 Family of 3 or more
One per week £28 £46 £62
Unlimited £42 £66 £82
Session costs
It is also possible to train on a pay-as-you-go basis, simply pay £8 per session.
About Taekwondo
Taekwondo translates to ‘The Art of the Foot & Hand’. It is a Korean Martial Art which although having roots in the ancient Orient, was developed to its present form in the middle of this century.

Our training follows the five tenets of Taekwondo:


Respecting others, having manners as well as maintaining the appropriate etiquette at all times, both within and outside the dojang.


Determining what is right or wrong and having the conscience to feel guilt if one has done wrong and to stand up for what is right.


Trying time and time again until achieving a result which is adequate towards what one was trying to achieve.


Having control over one's acts, thoughts and actions.

Indomitable spirit

Having the courage to stand up for what you believe in, no matter what odds you are up against, and to always give 100% effort in whatever you do.

About Karl
Master Karl James, 6th Dan, runs taekwondo schools in Croydon, Crawley and East Grinstead in the south of England.
Karl began his training in taekwondo 31 years ago and has been instructing for 15 years.
Karl originally began his training alongside his brother and father and due to having started in this way, realises the benefits of doing something together as a family. He promotes this in his classes and finds the family sessions he runs very rewarding.
Get in touch
Call or email me; or just turn up at any of my classes

0800 917 6238